Bouldering is amazing.  Bouldering is physical.  Bouldering is hard.  Bouldering is fun. The easiest way to define bouldering (or at least how we define it at Gravity) is:


Climbing, without a rope, walls that are low enough to the ground to reasonably climb without risk of serious injury.


This is an activity that can be tried with almost no training.  A few simple, common sense principles, and you are on the road to glory, (a healthy dose of pain) and intense personal satisfaction.


This is something that can be tried without an advance booking.  It is not suitable for children under 16 unless supervised by a parent.  Also, we do like to make sure people are aware that although extremely fun, it is much more physically demanding for first-timers than roped climbing.


To participate, you will need access to the gym (see pricing) and a change of clean, dry, snugly-laced running shoes. In an effort to keep the gym cleaner for everyone we ask that you don't climb in the shoes you wore coming here.


Climbing shoes - although not required - will make the experience more enjoyable and are available for rent.

For all customers new to Gravity we suggest completing the release form online before your first visit. This will speed up the check in process and get you up on the walls sooner!