Options for new climbers

most options require booking in advance

​•  You can boulder (climbing without a rope . . . not as crazy as it sounds).  A good chunk of our facility is designed for just that.  This can often be done without advance booking, however reading about this further is advised.

• If the hullabaloo of an intro lesson isn't your cup of tea, a Climb Only experience is for you.  This means that our staff perform all safety functions - all you do is climb! Suitable for ages 5 and up (adults too!).

• We can arrange an intro climbing lesson for you or your group.  This is a great way to literally "learn the ropes".  It allows for maximum flexibility for future trips to the gym.  This lesson is suitable for customers 14 years of age. 

• Our climb only option is a great choice for parties and birthdays. We also have a party room available for you during your session for snacks and presents! Click through to read more about parties at gravity.

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