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(Climb Only session)

$28.50+hst per climber
(min charge of 3 climbers)

This is as simple and stress free as it gets: We put on your harness; we tie the knots; we hold the rope. You climb.


We can also be your guide. We'll suggest climbs for you, give strategic advice on tough moves, and generally enhance your experience.


This type of booking is suitable for birthday parties (young and old), corporate groups, school groups, team parties and just about any large or small group of would-be climbers that you can think of.

We are not able to accommodate customers bringing food & beverages (other than water) for group bookings.


During business hours the minimum group size is 3 (you can bring less, but it costs the same) and the maximum group size is - depending on the date and time - up to 20.


Climb Only can be arranged outside of our normal business hours too; you'll have the place to yourself! (please contact us regarding minimum group sizes). There is also a discounted rate for 30 people or more. We can accommodate groups of up to 60.


Climb Only sessions are 2 hours long and include our staff and all required equipment (shoes, harness & chalk).


Please note that booking in advance is required. A deposit is also required.

All climbers under the age of 18 require the Gravity Climbing Gym release form to be signed by their own parent or legal guardianThe release form can be completed online, please direct parents to our website or directly to our release form to complete it in advance. This will speed up the check in process and get you up on the walls sooner!


Climbing is safe for children of a height and weight roughly equivalent to a 5-year-old. However it should be noted that climbers aged 5 and 6 are ever so slightly more likely to find the activity intimidating. We've had large groups of 5-year-old's that all climbed non-stop for 2 hours, but we've also had groups of 6-year-old's where some kids decided it wasn't for them.

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