Lead Climbing 201

This course is for those that want to lead indoors. You will learn everything you need to know about lead climbing and belaying to allow for countless hours of safe & exhilarating fun.


The course covers approximately 10 hours of instruction over three sessions. There are only 2 students in each class, so there is no shortage of attention.


Students are paired to a certain degree according to body weight. Although some participants are not overly fond of this policy, it makes for an easier and more effective learning environment. Please contact the gym for more information on how classes are arranged.


Each pair of participants will need their own rope and 8 quickdraws. A Petzl GriGri (1,2,+, or 3) is used exclusively for leading at Gravity Climbing Gym, and is also required.


Non-members please keep in mind that access to the gym is not included in the cost.  


Advance booking required. Please contact us to book your course.