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Indoor Rock 201 -
Intro to Lead Climbing

For those who want to lead indoors! You will learn everything you need to know about lead climbing and belaying to allow for countless hours of safe & exhilarating fun.


Our course is approximately 10 hours of instruction over 3 sessions. We spread the sessions out, usually over 3 weeks, so you can practice the skills in between. AND there are only 2 students in each class, so there is no shortage of attention!


Students are paired to a certain degree according to body weight, which makes for an easier and more effective learning environment. If you are signing up with a partner, please ensure you are within 10% of each other's weight OR contact the gym to request an exception.


Each participant will need their own rope and 8 quickdraws. A Petzl GriGri (1,2,+, or 3) is the only belay device permitted at Gravity Hamilton and is also required for the course. If you are taking the course with the person you plan to regularly lead with, you may be able to get away with only one set of gear.


Non-members please keep in mind that access to the gym is not included in the cost.


Advance booking required. If you're thinking you'd like to learn, please click the link below to join our lead list. The current wait time is about 1-2 months to take the course, and is shorter if you are joining as a well weight-matched pair!

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