Indoor Rock 101

intro climbing lesson

$35+hst per climber

If you're interested in getting started at Gravity, this lesson is for you!


It's all about a solid foundation in basic indoor climbing safety. No prior experience is required. Perhaps you had formal training but it was some time ago. Maybe you are just a little rusty and want to play it safe.


The course runs about 2 hours. We teach all you need to know about harnesses, knots and belaying (holding the rope). You'll see specific demonstrations of all relevant skills and you'll practice these new techniques while closely supervised.


Best part is, after you've taken the course, you no longer need to book in advance. Come anytime!

This is a great option for parent's looking to bring their children back frequently; after the lesson you will be able to hold the rope for your kids!


Your harness rental, climbing shoe rental, instruction, and day pass are all included.


This lesson is not suitable for customers 13 years of age or younger.


Due to COVID-19, we have changed our regular booking times. We can run lessons at the following times (though we need at least two participants to run a lesson):


Advance booking is required for a lesson.  A deposit is also required.

If you book on your own, please note that we don't run lessons with less than two registrants (it's hard to learn to belay without someone to climb for you). We will call you in advance if we have to a cancel a lesson due to low registration. You'll get your deposit back or we can sign you up for a different time.

For all climbers new to Gravity we suggest completing the release form online before your first visit. This will speed up the check in process and get you up on the walls sooner!