Are the stars finally starting to align in our favour?  We’re hoping that the spring, summer, and fall bring us closer to the world we remember!

You’ve all been incredibly patient. We can’t begin to tell you how much we’ve missed you and want to see your faces again.

We’ve made a few improvements to the space since you last visited: 

  • we added lots of shiny new holds,

  • we gave the upstairs a deserved paint job, and

  • we installed a new mat under the lead-splatter wall


...And here’s the even better news:

Effective Monday, March 15th Gravity Hamilton will re-open under the new Red Zone protocols.

Our hours will remain as they were in late 2020 (and yes, the 6.30am time slot on Thursdays will remain!)

The only sad news is that, for now, we will be limited to 10 climbers per session.


We recognize that it was challenging to book before the lockdown. With this reduced capacity, it will be more difficult now. We are trying our best to balance public health measures, the health of the business, and the needs of our members!


Due to the anticipated difficulty in booking time slots, all memberships will remain on free hold until our capacity is increased.

Prepaid Annual, Intro One-Month and One-Month members may choose to re-activate their memberships.

At this time, EFT memberships cannot be re-activated. (See here for an explanation).

Annual, Intro One-Month, One-Month, and Monthly EFT customers whose memberships

remain unactivated will be able to purchase Day Passes at the 22 & Under rate (10% off).  Unfortunately no further discounts for 22 & under customers will be available.

Annual, Intro One-Month and One-Month members may re-activate their memberships if they choose, however bookings will be limited to 2 sessions per week (Monday to Sunday).

Supervising parents will require a day pass until our capacity has increased.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a $15+hst cancellation fee.

Prepaid members can book 7 days in advance.



All EFTs will remain on hold. Monthly EFT customers will be able to purchase Day Passes at the 22 & Under rate (10% off). Unfortunately no further discounts for 22 & under customers will be available.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a $15+hst cancellation fee.

EFT members can book 7 days in advance.

Customers with punch cards can use them upon reopening.  New Punch Cards may also be purchased.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be debited a punch.

Punch Card holders can book 7 days in advance.

Day Passes can be purchased and booked 5 days in advance.

  * Payment is required on-line at the time of booking.  

  * Fees are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled or applied to future bookings.  

  * They ARE transferable; you can give or sell your spot to another climber.

  * All Day Passes are now the same price ($16.81 + HST) for all climbers.

  * Supervising parents require a day pass.


Climbing will be at set times and must be booked in advance:

In the booking portal, please follow the links to "Create an Optional Profile." This will allow you to cancel bookings without calling or emailing the gym.

Memberships and Punch Cards can be purchased here:

COVID-19 Prevention

  • Do not use the gym if you feel ill or experience any symptoms

  • Abide by public health requirements if you have travelled

  • All customers must maintain 3m* of physical distancing (*4m while bouldering)

  • Wearing a mask or face covering is required for all persons in the facility

    • CLICK HERE for masking requirements; failure to comply will result in being asked to either purchase a suitable mask or return another day

  • Sanitize your hands upon arrival and throughout your visit

  • Arrive changed and ready to climb; change rooms will be limited to bathroom use

  • Please bring minimal items; lockers will not be available

  • Please arrive with a full water bottle; the water fountain will be closed

  • No food is permitted

  • Online transactions are encouraged to reduce person-to-person contact

  • Please note we will not be accepting cash payments

  • Consider liquid chalk (available for purchase) and use powdered chalk sparingly



All ropes will be open, however climbing is only permitted on climbs where adjacent routes are not in use.



All problems will be open, however while climbing you must maintain a 4m physical distancing minimum.  This means:


Hamilton: a maximum of 7 persons may simultaneously be on the wall upstairs, while a maximum of 3 may simultaneously be on the wall downstairs.

The Facility and Staff

We are committed to providing members and guests a safe space to return to climbing.  All health and safety measures are based on federal, provincial and municipal guidelines.

• Hand sanitizer is made available for regular cleaning of hands

• Floor markings and designated areas for physical distancing awareness

• Increased cleaning; disinfecting of shared surfaces during & between bookings

• Reduced services to limit contact

• Daily and weekly review to make changes and adjustments as needed


Contact Tracing

• Strict adherence to booking end times (sessions not extended for late arrival)

• In the event of a confirmed case, Gravity will work closely with local health authorities



Please contact us via email at your home gym:


Gravity Hamilton COVID-19 Updates

Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 7.44.47 PM.png

Grey Zone 3.0

Gravity Hamilton is temporarily closed while Hamilton is in the Grey Zone.

All memberships are on hold with no associated fees.

Voicemail will not be answered. If you'd like to get in touch, please email