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An update regarding dogs

Update from April 13th:


We gave it an honest try, but Gravity has sadly elected to end our dog policy.

We really wanted to make it work, but we've come to realize why we were the only gym trying this.

More than a handful of people have brought to our attention the very real issues of allergies, belayer distraction and dog phobias.

Effective June 1st, dogs will no longer be permitted in Gravity Climbing Gym.



Update from May 1st, 2018:

Recently we have noticing, and receiving increased complaints from customers regarding the growing impact of dogs at Gravity. As our membership base has grown, so too has the number of dogs at the facility, and unfortunately we feel that the current situation is not sustainable.


We do not wish to stop allowing dogs at Gravity, but we are introducing some new guidelines which will hopefully reduce the impact of dogs at the gym and find a more sustainable middle ground.

Previously, we had asked customers not to bring dogs onto the upstairs bouldering deck. Although it was never our original intention, this has lead to many customers tying up their dogs downstairs while they boulder. Going forward we are asking customers not to leave their dogs unattended while climbing. This will unfortunately mean that boulderers will not be able to bring dogs to the gym.


The only exception to this rule will be when owners need to access the changerooms and cubbies as we would prefer dogs not be brought into those confined areas.


While you climb, dogs must be at all times kept on a short leash and attached to someone or something in your immediate vicinity. If you do not wish to have your dog attached to you while belaying we would suggest clipping them to a bag placed on the floor near you. Regardless of the method chosen, your dog’s movement must be limited so as to not infringe on the space of nearby groups.


Unfortunately not every dog has the right temperament for the gym environment. We expect all animals to be calm, quiet, and otherwise well behaved. Barking, pulling at a leash, and “accidents” might happen on rare occasions, but if these are frequent occurrences with your dog, our staff may ask that you do not bring them on future visits. Any sort of aggressive behavior by dogs towards customers or other dogs will not be tolerated and you and your dog will be asked to leave.


We have always enjoyed having dogs at the gym but as the volume of climbers increases and space becomes more limited we are forced to remember that first and foremost we are a climbing gym. We will not accept the gym becoming an unpleasant or unwelcoming environment for even a small portion of our customers in order to preserve a policy that is ultimately not related to the climbing experience. We hope we will never have to ban dogs outright, but we need your help to stop that from happening.


If you currently bring a dog to Gravity we ask that you please take a minute to consider the impact your animal might have on other customers at the gym. Bringing an unruly animal to the gym affects not only other customers but also other owners who wish to bring their own animals. If your animal is not ready, or is not well suited to a busy, noisy, gym environment, please consider leaving them at home.




Gravity Staff

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